Faultline on The River

Proposal for an Installation of an Imagined Architectural Model. Completed as part of a Design Week Competition.

Project: A Luxury Housing Block. To be constructed within the limits of a parking space. The curb line/ gutter site is a analog for the Delaware Riverfront Edge. Street being river.
Collaborator: Michelle Taransky.


Sample :  Bill Laswell

Her Text:


I have been a gypsy a couple

Of times she said if I said

In the past, each color stood

To remind you your birth

Name was Fox and please quit

Forgetting the charge to hand

Me nothing

But letters

Because they are lies if

Nothing else nothing past tense

Part her wilderness sound

Asleep dreaming the accountant is

Saying how can you imagine anything

Incorrectly— Besides what else is there in addition

To naming the dead fox

Robert and referring to him

As Robber, as Giver

Who gives us dreams of his dreams of the fox-fire

Out of which barely one thrush

Emerged still

The leaves turned I

Swore a storm was

On its way however

Without lightning who is able to tell that

The letter had everything to do

With Master turning to the teller

To tell her he knows

So what if the piles turn into

Guilt after guilt, where no matter

The ways to a way to admit it

This line is about the theft

It is about time

Safes that stay safe

from Barn Burned, Then (Omnidawn Publishing, 2009)